With our selection of sensors your customers can monitor the things that are important to them, with a range of 100m open space from the gateway it provides the perfect solution for even the biggest gardens 


NG01 Door/Window Sensor

With the door/window sensor, your customers can easily and reliably monitor important doors and windows, kitchen cupboards or baby gates. They will receive a direct notification if the status changes. They can decide whether they want to be notified when the door/window is open or closed.

NG02 Water Sensor

Too much or no water? Your customers can decide what to keep track of.


NG03 Temperature Sensor

With the temperature sensor, your customers can quickly and reliably monitor areas at home and receive a direct notification if the defined temperature range changes up or down.

NGO4 Motion Sensor

The highly sensitive infra-red movement sensor reliably detects every movement indoors alerting your customers by notification.


NG05 Push

Fixed or mobile, the wireless push button can be placed anywhere it is needed - even on difficult surfaces. Or your customers can simply carry it with them through the premises within reach of the gateway.

NG12 Put Sensor

The intelligent Put Sensor detects the slightest change in weight and instantly indicates your customers when something leaves its position.


NG30 Play Speaker

Like a HomeOK camera - only without a lens. your customers can use text to speech or sound catching features to setup play to meet their requirements