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Enabling customers to be proactive and minimise loss

A German-engineered, service-backed platform for smart home monitoring that reduces insurance claims for the top 3 claim events and more


❌ FACT: Water leaks in the home account for 29% of insurance claims.

SOLUTION: With water sensors placed in the most common leak sites, HomeOK can send an alert as soon as water is detected.

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FACT: 17% of insurance claims are for fire and explosion.

SOLUTION: Be alerted no matter where you are when your smoke alarm is sounding using our AI camera.

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FACT: Theft accounts for 14% of insurance claims.

SOLUTION: Using door/window sensors, you can be alerted the moment a sensor is activated, and with a 100-meter range, this also covers buildings in your garden.

theft damage image

Customers also use HomeOK to monitor what matters to them.

✅ Preventing car damage

✅ Monitoring racing pigeons

✅ Family pets      

✅ Garden offices       

All this and more can be monitored with HomeOK

🟢 Top 5 benefits for

1️⃣ Reduce insurance claims & fraud

2️⃣ Low cost solution

3️⃣ Complete hassle free solution

4️⃣ Evidence based data sharing

5️⃣ service backed by an SLA

🟢 Top 5 benefits for

1️⃣ Guest invitations for holiday periods

2️⃣ Control of their data

3️⃣ Customisation of sensors in the APP

4️⃣ Expand with more sensors & cameras

5️⃣ UK Based support team

What we provide to insurers

✅  A service level agreement

✅ Individual brand key server

✅ Branded App splash screen

✅  Stock available in the UK

✅  Delivery and refurbishment

✅  UK Based support team for customers

✅  Powered by brand integration

✅  A service that can support up to 40 sensors and 4 cameras

✅  Event evidence sharing

✅  Identification by asset tracking no customer data required

✅  plus many other features and benefits

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Powered by branding optional

Simple, Transparent, Smart Home Monitoring to reduce claims and fraud.
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