With our range of accessories your customers can customize their sensors or simplify installation


Door/Window Sensor Rubber Covers

The range of waterproof covers allows your customers can colour coordinate and use their door/window sensor in and around their outside areas less stock holding for you more flexibility for your customers

Motion Sensor Rubber Cover

The motion sensor waterproof cover your customers can install the indoor motion sensor outside less stock holding for you more flexibility for your customers

S02413 (1).jpg

Motion Sensor Mount

This simple motion sensor mount your customers can simplify installation of the motion sensor to set the angle needed to monitor any area

Outdoor camera ground spike

The outdoor camera spike your customers can hide their camera in the plants or bushes away from prying eyes and away from being spotted easily


Push rubber cover

The push rubber cover allows your customers to colour coordinate and use their indoor push button outside from alerting you to a delivery to a panic button your customers choose the setup 

Camera Privacy Cover

The camera privacy cover allows customers to use an existing camera as a sound catcher or text to speech device providing peace of mind on top of the disable recording function in the App