smart home as a service


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INTRA Technologies offers a solution to create a new subscription based revenue stream by providing a Smart Home Monitoring service to your customer base without the hassle

Why partner with us ?

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New revenue stream 

Generate an additional revenue stream from your customer base

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Speed to market

We can support market a launch to market in a timescale that suits you 

Plug and play

A plug and play solution for you and your customers

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Stress free solution

Let us provide you with a stress free solution with our highly experienced team

NG10 Camera
NG04 Outdoor
NG04 Indoor
NG07 Camera
NG10 Camera
NG12 Put sensor

Our full solution of additional Services


The option to add a customer support team to take care of simple tasks like billing date changes or product enquires


We can provide a technical support team that is second to none, highly trained in our systems they can solve 99% of any issues a customer may encounter


We can provide a marketing team that can work with you to launch a solution to your customers whilst also monitoring and maintaining your retention 


We can provide a team that offers a comprehensive delivery and returns solution maintaining complete tracking of your stock including refurbishment

We created a solution that has lifecycle and is user friendly, a service that allows people to self monitor what matters to them. Our service is designed to be sustainable with our refurbishment program providing customers with a service that has unlimited possibilities.